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Since 2017, David has been the host of the Income Generation show on NewsmaxTV. Not only does he offer his insights on timely financial matters, but he also interviews top financial professionals. Some of his featured guests have been Steve Forbes, Mohamed El-Erian, Suze Orman, and Jon Najarian. Tune into NewsmaxTV every Sunday morning at 10 AM EST to stay informed about topics that matter to you. 

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WEBINAR: Financial Decision-Making Under Uncertainty | Government ...

In all financial times, Scranton Financial Group is committed to helping protect our client's financial assets. Since the pandemic has been in place, David has been communicating with his clients (and friends of his clients) about what the new Corona economy means for retirees and those close to retiring. These important weekly videos have brought clarity amidst confusion and we urge you to watch and share with people who are unclear about the path to their retirement. 

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Talk Of Connecticut, "Front and Center,”  w/ Dan Lovallo

Nov. 3, 2016 Podcast: Why you should interview your financial adviser

By David Scranton  Click here to listen to interview

Addressing QE3 Video:

Remember the definition of "insanity”: repeating the same action and expecting a different re-action? Well, the Fed still hasn't figured it out. They announced yet another round of so-called quantitative easing (QE3) recently, even after two previous efforts have failed to jump-start the economy. Dave believes the timing couldn't be worse!

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Dave was featured on CT Style!

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Scranton Financial Group

Published : Wednesday, 05 Dec 2012, 5:40 PM EST

Scranton Financial Group Founder and Author of "Stop the Financial Insanity: How to Keep Wall Street's Cancer from Spreading to Your Portfolio", David Scranton, was in the studio sharing his strategies for retirement investing in today's challenging market and uncertain economy.

As founder of Advisor's Academy and Scranton Financial Group, and Author of the popular financial book: "Stop the Financial Insanity, How to Keep Wall Street's Cancer from Spreading to Your Portfolio", David Scranton is one of America's most respected and successful advisors. David possesses a passion about intelligently growing client assets without the risk of the stock market. He is dedicated to helping clients reap the rewards of a well-planned retirement and is committed to educating the community about conservative investing. As an accomplished advisor and speaker, he holds numerous designations including CLU, CFA, CFP, MSFS, and ChFC.

In addition to providing sound financial counseling, David offers adult education classes throughout the state. Please call our office to inquire about upcoming classes at 860-399-8202.

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