Tax Pro Services

Stressed with taxes? Need help with tax preparation?  Need to get your taxes done?

We are excited to continue our professional tax service with outstanding tax preparers and technology. This service is available from February 1st - April 1st, 2022 and is also open to your friends and family! Prices start at $150. 

Don't wait until the last minute!

Tax season is once again upon us and Scranton Financial Group is here to help!

Scranton Financial Group offers tax preparation services that help take the stress out of tax time! Not only are our professional tax preparers up-to-date on all of the current tax laws, they also assess your current tax situation and may make recommendations for future tax-savings strategies. Additionally, your big financial picture is analyzed--especially in regards to your retirement. 

Due to COVID restrictions, the tax preparation process is different from past years and will take additional time. We highly recommend starting the process earlier and not waiting until the last minute. Here are the steps to ensure a smooth process.

1.) Please call our office letting us know that you are planning on having your taxes prepared and how you will be getting us your information. We ask that you drop off, mail or email your tax information.

2.) Once received, a tax specialist will call you to discuss your information and answer any questions you may have. A quote will be given for the cost of our tax preparation services. 

3.) Your tax return will be completed. We will call you letting you know that you may either pick up your tax return or we will mail it to you. Possible tax-savings strategies will also be discussed. 

4.) Upon receiving your completed tax return, we ask that you review it, sign and return the 1099 signature form, and submit payment. You may either drop this form and payment off to the office or mail it in. 

5.) Once these items are received, your taxes will be filed.  

Please note: Prices start at $150 for personal tax returns and includes state and federal e-filing.

Please call our office today at (860) 399-8202 for more details!   

Click here for our helpful Tax Preparation Checklist

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