Important Timely Videos from David Scranton

Scranton Financial Group is committed to helping protect our client's financial assets. We believe the best client is a knowledgeable client. Since the pandemic has been in place, David has been communicating with his clients (and friends/family of his clients) about what the changes in the economy means for retirees and those close to retiring. These important videos have brought clarity amidst confusion and we urge you to watch and share with people who are unclear about the path to their retirement. 

SFG Update 3.31.2022: Aspects of the financial market and how it might be affecting your statements

SFG Update 3.4.22: What Russia-Ukraine crisis means for investors

SFG Update 2.4.22: Groundhog's Day in the Markets

SFG Update 1.7.22: FOMO In 2022

SIS Client/Advisor Webinar 2022: The Roaring 20's Part 2