What Baby Boomers need to Know about Social Security

There are over 100 different ways you can choose to have your Social security benefit paid out to you, we help you find the most effective filing strategy based on your needs and lifestyle.

Understanding the full impact of Social Security and what your allocations should be can be confusing! Have questions about your Social Security, we can help.

Common questions we can help answer:

  • What are the benefits of Social Security?
  • How do I become eligible for Social Security benefits?
  • How is my retirement benefit calculated?
  • When may begin receiving Social Security benefits?
  • What if I apply at 62?
  • What if I apply later?
  • How do COLAs affect my Social Security benefits?
  • How are spousal benefits calculated?
  • How does divorce affect Social Security benefits?
  • How does widowhood affect Social Security benefits?
  • How does working affect Social Security benefits?
  • How does my pension income affect Social Security benefits?
  • How are benefits taxed?
  • How to apply for Social Security benefits?
  • What about Medicare?
  • What about Social Security reform?
  • Can I keep working after I take my Social Security benefits? Is there a limit on my earnings?

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