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Personal and Business Tax Planning

Scranton Financial Group's hands on tax planning services take the stress out of tax returns and create effective tax planning and performance. We help clients implement easy yet powerful income tax reduction strategies where needed. To provide our clients meaningful savings and a more advanced income tax reduction plan, we include tax professionals to discuss their tax situation.

SFG's tax team can assist in the preparation of income tax returns, so our clients are able to utilize us as a one-stop shop during tax season. If requested, we can provide advice to clients on income tax questions, including planning, reduction strategies, and representation in tax audit disputes.

Scranton Financial Group educates clients ways to help save on taxes year-round. Join us at our educational workshops that provide information on tax rules that have the potential to reduce your expenses significantly.

Don't forget to take advantage of our Tax Services and schedule your appointment to prepare your tax returns with our tax professionals!

For more information on how we can help you with your tax situation please contact our office be calling (860) 399-8202 or email us

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